Friday, September 9, 2011

Trailertastic Cuisine

Below is a list of all the fine cuisine i grew up on or have experienced at least once in my life.
Miraclewhip sandwiches
spaghetti and butter
mac and cheese with cut up hot dog (my personal favorite)
ho cups (refer below to a post)
beef sticks
chili cheese fritos
corn dogs
vienna sausages (every roommate i have ever had has been thoroughly disgusted by these)
sugar and butter on a tortilla
mini pizza's on bread
organ meat (livers, hearts, glands, tongues, etc.)

True story, I did not actually grow up in a trailer, (shocking i know) i grew up on a real live working farm with a nice house that included a sweet basement (that is still rocking red shag carpet). On said farm we had cows, pigs, sheep, horses and chickens. We raised and butchered all of our own meat before all those self righteous idiots ever even heard the term "Green".

One morning after slaughtering some lambs the day before (my dad makes the worlds best lamb chops you have ever had, I'm not kidding, professional chefs with their mint jelly have nothing on my dad) I wake up to some delicious sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. I raise myself from bed (at 5am because i have to feed all these animals before i go to early morning seminary at 6am) and walk into the warm and fragrant kitchen where my father is preparing breakfast. As i ask him what smells so good and look down at the cutting board i am frozen by what i see under his knife.

It is a small heart, about the size of nectarine or large plum.  Being neatly sliced exposing all ventricles and passages. Also on the cutting board are about four other hearts waiting their turn to be sliced and fried up with the potatoes and onions that were making this breakfast smell so heavenly.  Now I am a farm girl not some squeamish vegan, I mean the day before i was literally leading these lambs to slaughter without batting an eye.  And now i can't take my eyes off of their little hearts half fascinated (i have never seen a heart before needless to say the inside of it) and half horrified. That morning i had toast for breakfast and went and fed all the hungry animals. True story.


  1. Yeah I think I would've gone with the toast. I'm not a fan of organs. We raised rabbits when I was young. I was under the impression that they were cute pets. My dad was under the impression that they were tasty.

    My dad and brothers tricked me into eating my rabbit...they told me it was chicken. It was a bit traumatic.

    And i'm jealous of your upbringing. YOu lived my dream...minus the lamb hearts ;-)

  2. Oh man Kate, i know how you feel. My grandma raises and eats rabbit. I am not a fan either. I hate it when i walk in to my grandmas house and am like "what smells so good?" and she is like "just a little rabbit stew" YUCK Rabbit is for poor starving people food during the dreppresion. But I'm like Grandma! You can by real meat now!