Sunday, October 28, 2012

Different Trailer Same Trailer Park

It has been a little over a year since my last post. A lot has changed and not much has changed, life is weird like that.  I'm not gonna bore your with all the amazing things I have been doing with my life like, awesome vacations, Tough Mudder, 10 yr high school reunions on house boats in Lake Powell, my new work schedule where I work 7 days in a row then get 7 days off. This is not my personal diary (that's what facebook is for right?) So I am going to stick with what this blog is about; Living in a trailer.

Since my last post I have upgraded from a camp trailer to a singlewide. Oooo lala. I no longer have to put on my coat to go to the bathroom and that is really the only improvement that there really is upon my trailer living (oh and i don't have to go to the trailer laundry mat anymore because i have a washer and dryer in the trailer).  A new observation I have made about trailer life is that it is really annoying when someone gets a new dog or a new loud truck that you are not used to the sound of.  You kind of get used to the sounds of the trailer park at night, it's like living by a train after a while you don't even notice it, unless they trained started going by at a different time. That is what it is like when someone gets a puppy or a new dog.  Where once you could blissfully sleep in to all the old sounds of the trailer park all of a sudden there is a new annoying sound that is not familiar yet waking you up at 5am!!  So when my trailer neighbor got a new puppy it took me awhile to get used to it.  They would tie it up outside and the little thing would just go crazy in it's super high pitched puppy voice.

At first I didn't know it was my direct neighbor, I could not tell where the obnoxious sound was coming from. After day four of this when i was trying to make myself a delicious peaceful breakfast, I said "I have had enough of this shit!" and went to find the puppy and said owner of this puppy to see what the hell was going on. I mean are you really just sitting inside your house while your dog is waking up the whole trailerhood?  I didn't have to walk very far before I found the little thing who was pissed because his chain was all tangled up in some weeds and he had like a square foot radius he could move around in.  I untangled him, he went straight to his water bowl and I also went back to my breakfast, no more barking. I assume my neighbor was at work and at any rate did not feel like having a confrontation with said trailer folk after i remedied the situation.  Me and this little pup had quiet the system worked out. Everyday when I got home from work if she was tied up I would untangle her play with her for a second then go inside.

About two weeks had gone by of excellent sleep and I wondered what happened to the puppy? I had not had to go untangle him in awhile.  But when your residence has wheels neighbors tend not to be too permanent. I wish my neighbor on the other side who is always trying to start/fix/tune his motorcycle knew what the hell he was doing so I didn't have to listen to that anymore either! But either he finally gave up, fixed it, or it has just become another part of my trailer lullaby.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raw Pine Nuts and Running

So i have decided to get back in shape this fall.  So this weekend when i got off work i decided to make use of the perfect crisp fall weather and head on a little hike/run up the canyon that is a just west of my trailer park (i have no idea how far it is because i am terrible at things like that but lets just say it is probably a good 6 or 7 miles round trip).  I was feeling really good energized by the beautiful day and landscape.  That is why i hate working out in gyms. They are disgusting and full of germs and creepy people. And the mirrors!! The only thing that makes me actually more tired then running is watching myself get all red faced and tired from running.  But a beautiful canyon landscape on a fall day i feel like i can run forever breathing in that fresh Nevada air.

During my run i noticed that the trees were full of pine nuts, which i love! They are delicious and nothing says fall to me like the first wood fire of the season and picking and eating pine nuts and getting wood. I have not had real pine nuts in forever though, maybe twice since i have moved out of my parents house.  So while i was on my run i just had to have a few. So i picked a cone off the tree and ignored the pitch and had a few raw pine nuts. Which were delicious raw and had me wishing that i had a truck so i could have come back and gotten more so i could cook and enjoy them for real.  However i do not recommend eating raw pine nuts.  I probably would have been ok had i stopped at 2 or 3 but they were so good and since i have no control i ended up having like 7.

 Now pine nuts have a ton of turpentine or something that sounds like that in them that can have you going in for your gallbladder removed if you eat enough of them.  And my theory is that eating them raw they had twice as much cuz i also had delicious smelling pitch allover my hands as well. (That's another thing why can't they make pine scented stuff smell right? If they could actually duplicate the smell of fresh pine or even pine sap i would have all the candles and fresheners, and come on there would be nothing better than a cologne that smelled like actual pine trees, like he's been cutting wood all day and smells like pine sap, leather, and a little bit of the exhaust from the chain saw. That is my ideal man smell. Least ideal man smell when they leave their laundry in the washing machine too long and don't re-wash it and it has that sour moldy smell. Gross!) Any ways back to my actual story, eating the raw pine nuts gave me the worst stomach ache ever and since i'm not at the gym i can't just get in my car and go home i have to turn around and go back down the 3 or so odd miles that i just had come. Not the best end to my hike/run but it started out incredibly magical and was still way way better then ever going to the gym.

Rain on a Tin Trailer Roof

Last week i had about the best morning in the history of time!  It was the wed morning of my day off and i was going to be heading to reno that day so i had set my alarm for 7am so i could get on the road and out of that trailer park.  When my alarm went off I awoke to the sounds of a soft delicious rain.  The trailer was a little chilly and i was all warm and snuggled so comfy in my bed while it was overcast, listening to the heavenly sound of rain on my trailer roof.  It was one of those perfect moments that life sometimes gives you. I had the next two days off, i was going home to Reno/civilization, and was warm and happy in my bed. I just hit ignore on my alarm and let the soft fall rain lull me back to sleep. I had never been happier to be living in a trailer at that moment.
 While you can always buy the sound of rain on a machine it is never the same, because they can not duplicate the smell of a Nevada October rain or create that perfect humidity level.  Plus the sounds of rain noises are always in a forest. Never from how it sounds from the inside of a trailer. Now that i would buy.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Trailer Neighbors

Please remember that you live in a trailer.  If you have never stayed in or are not familiar with trailers they are not very sound proof or secure (if you were every in a trailer fire you could basically just bust through the nearest wall).  I wish my neighbors would remember this when they are having a domestic dispute. A- you live in a trailer. B- all your windows are open in said trailer C- my trailer with all it's windows closed is only about a car widths away from you and i can hear everything you are saying. D- it's really awful C- i hate having flash backs to living with my parents.

One night they were fighting over i assume who she was hanging out with. Cuz she was all "She is not trash! You think everybody is trash!" followed by "Stop kicking me in the ass" this was less in a battered wife way then as an annoyed you are retarded and i can't believe i had your baby and am living with you in this trailer way. I basically pictured him holding her arm while kicking her kind of like in a loony toons episode.

Another good one was one night they were bathing there daughter i assume cuz she was screaming and they were panicked screaming at each other because she had gotten soap in her eyes.  And they were both trying to get it out but screaming at each other better ways to do it. While she screams at her daughter "I am trying to help you!" Note- their daughter is prob like 18-20 months. Hilarious!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Street Walker

So there is this woman that walks back and forth from Hadley to Carvers, about a 14 mile round trip, almost everyday.  You always see her when your going to and from work the, the grocery store, or headed out of town.  She has this beautiful husky that is her walking companion and she has this crazy curly dark long hair and she is really tan, with wool socks a backpack and hiking boots.  To my knowledge she is not employed since she spends most of her days walking along the highway with her dog, which i think is kind of romantic.

I like to make up stories for her life, like she is really a steal barons heiress daughter but rejected her trust (or just lives off of it) to be a hermit in a trailer park in Carvers with her dog.  Or she is in witness protection and spends her days walking back and forth hiding from the mob, or the russian mob, or the irish mob.  Like she has her whole trailer booby trapped for the day when thy finally find her and come for her.

Some days i see her walking without her dog. The first day it happened i was literally in a panic. I had just recently lost Fred and was a total wreck anyways.  But i saw her walking without her beautiful big husky and was literally in tears for her cuz i know how sad i was losing Fred, i though she must be devastated, her only friend in the whole world who was keeping her company in her seclusion was dead (i still had my friends and my family and a car).  Needless to say it was not a good day and i was a little surprised at the strength of my feeling for this random person and her dog. It's like they used to tell snipers watching there targets to make up stories about there targets to keep them from getting bored while they waited. Then when it was time to pull the trigger they had built such elaborate stories that some people couldn't do it cuz they were attached to these strangers.  That is kind of how i felt.  Two days later when i saw her walking with her dog again it was a really good day because i knew she had a friend again. 

In some ways i am envious of this woman's off the grid lifestyle.  I mean how does she do it?? So there is the trust fund, or her wit pro money, or more likely her disability money cuz she is a real crazy.  How and why Round mtn? Where was she before?  When was the last time she left the valley?  I am just totally fascinated by her lifestyle and inexplicably drawn too it. Im not that far away from it actually.  To just spend your days walking the desert with your dog with your own thoughts and feelings and your dog to keep you company.  Sure lonely at times but nothing but complete and total freedom. A life with no obligations or expectations (ok you have to feed your dog) but it is the totall freedom to build your life how you see fit with out pressure from other people or worrying about their opinions or how your decisions will effect them. 

She is like the female version of Howard Roark to me.  She is probably some brilliant artist living in obscurity for her art. Like when Howard would go back to working in the quarry when new york and all of it's preconceived ideas would not allow him to exist. He could still exist and be true to himself in the quarry when new york made it impossible.  So to me Smoky Valley is this highway walkers quarry where there is no compromising.  Obviously i have issues

Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am currently only interested in sitting in my trailer and watching season 2 of vampire diaries on DVD. Fortunately this gets broken up by 8hrs of work a day. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Trailertastic Cuisine

Below is a list of all the fine cuisine i grew up on or have experienced at least once in my life.
Miraclewhip sandwiches
spaghetti and butter
mac and cheese with cut up hot dog (my personal favorite)
ho cups (refer below to a post)
beef sticks
chili cheese fritos
corn dogs
vienna sausages (every roommate i have ever had has been thoroughly disgusted by these)
sugar and butter on a tortilla
mini pizza's on bread
organ meat (livers, hearts, glands, tongues, etc.)

True story, I did not actually grow up in a trailer, (shocking i know) i grew up on a real live working farm with a nice house that included a sweet basement (that is still rocking red shag carpet). On said farm we had cows, pigs, sheep, horses and chickens. We raised and butchered all of our own meat before all those self righteous idiots ever even heard the term "Green".

One morning after slaughtering some lambs the day before (my dad makes the worlds best lamb chops you have ever had, I'm not kidding, professional chefs with their mint jelly have nothing on my dad) I wake up to some delicious sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. I raise myself from bed (at 5am because i have to feed all these animals before i go to early morning seminary at 6am) and walk into the warm and fragrant kitchen where my father is preparing breakfast. As i ask him what smells so good and look down at the cutting board i am frozen by what i see under his knife.

It is a small heart, about the size of nectarine or large plum.  Being neatly sliced exposing all ventricles and passages. Also on the cutting board are about four other hearts waiting their turn to be sliced and fried up with the potatoes and onions that were making this breakfast smell so heavenly.  Now I am a farm girl not some squeamish vegan, I mean the day before i was literally leading these lambs to slaughter without batting an eye.  And now i can't take my eyes off of their little hearts half fascinated (i have never seen a heart before needless to say the inside of it) and half horrified. That morning i had toast for breakfast and went and fed all the hungry animals. True story.