Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raw Pine Nuts and Running

So i have decided to get back in shape this fall.  So this weekend when i got off work i decided to make use of the perfect crisp fall weather and head on a little hike/run up the canyon that is a just west of my trailer park (i have no idea how far it is because i am terrible at things like that but lets just say it is probably a good 6 or 7 miles round trip).  I was feeling really good energized by the beautiful day and landscape.  That is why i hate working out in gyms. They are disgusting and full of germs and creepy people. And the mirrors!! The only thing that makes me actually more tired then running is watching myself get all red faced and tired from running.  But a beautiful canyon landscape on a fall day i feel like i can run forever breathing in that fresh Nevada air.

During my run i noticed that the trees were full of pine nuts, which i love! They are delicious and nothing says fall to me like the first wood fire of the season and picking and eating pine nuts and getting wood. I have not had real pine nuts in forever though, maybe twice since i have moved out of my parents house.  So while i was on my run i just had to have a few. So i picked a cone off the tree and ignored the pitch and had a few raw pine nuts. Which were delicious raw and had me wishing that i had a truck so i could have come back and gotten more so i could cook and enjoy them for real.  However i do not recommend eating raw pine nuts.  I probably would have been ok had i stopped at 2 or 3 but they were so good and since i have no control i ended up having like 7.

 Now pine nuts have a ton of turpentine or something that sounds like that in them that can have you going in for your gallbladder removed if you eat enough of them.  And my theory is that eating them raw they had twice as much cuz i also had delicious smelling pitch allover my hands as well. (That's another thing why can't they make pine scented stuff smell right? If they could actually duplicate the smell of fresh pine or even pine sap i would have all the candles and fresheners, and come on there would be nothing better than a cologne that smelled like actual pine trees, like he's been cutting wood all day and smells like pine sap, leather, and a little bit of the exhaust from the chain saw. That is my ideal man smell. Least ideal man smell when they leave their laundry in the washing machine too long and don't re-wash it and it has that sour moldy smell. Gross!) Any ways back to my actual story, eating the raw pine nuts gave me the worst stomach ache ever and since i'm not at the gym i can't just get in my car and go home i have to turn around and go back down the 3 or so odd miles that i just had come. Not the best end to my hike/run but it started out incredibly magical and was still way way better then ever going to the gym.

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