Sunday, October 28, 2012

Different Trailer Same Trailer Park

It has been a little over a year since my last post. A lot has changed and not much has changed, life is weird like that.  I'm not gonna bore your with all the amazing things I have been doing with my life like, awesome vacations, Tough Mudder, 10 yr high school reunions on house boats in Lake Powell, my new work schedule where I work 7 days in a row then get 7 days off. This is not my personal diary (that's what facebook is for right?) So I am going to stick with what this blog is about; Living in a trailer.

Since my last post I have upgraded from a camp trailer to a singlewide. Oooo lala. I no longer have to put on my coat to go to the bathroom and that is really the only improvement that there really is upon my trailer living (oh and i don't have to go to the trailer laundry mat anymore because i have a washer and dryer in the trailer).  A new observation I have made about trailer life is that it is really annoying when someone gets a new dog or a new loud truck that you are not used to the sound of.  You kind of get used to the sounds of the trailer park at night, it's like living by a train after a while you don't even notice it, unless they trained started going by at a different time. That is what it is like when someone gets a puppy or a new dog.  Where once you could blissfully sleep in to all the old sounds of the trailer park all of a sudden there is a new annoying sound that is not familiar yet waking you up at 5am!!  So when my trailer neighbor got a new puppy it took me awhile to get used to it.  They would tie it up outside and the little thing would just go crazy in it's super high pitched puppy voice.

At first I didn't know it was my direct neighbor, I could not tell where the obnoxious sound was coming from. After day four of this when i was trying to make myself a delicious peaceful breakfast, I said "I have had enough of this shit!" and went to find the puppy and said owner of this puppy to see what the hell was going on. I mean are you really just sitting inside your house while your dog is waking up the whole trailerhood?  I didn't have to walk very far before I found the little thing who was pissed because his chain was all tangled up in some weeds and he had like a square foot radius he could move around in.  I untangled him, he went straight to his water bowl and I also went back to my breakfast, no more barking. I assume my neighbor was at work and at any rate did not feel like having a confrontation with said trailer folk after i remedied the situation.  Me and this little pup had quiet the system worked out. Everyday when I got home from work if she was tied up I would untangle her play with her for a second then go inside.

About two weeks had gone by of excellent sleep and I wondered what happened to the puppy? I had not had to go untangle him in awhile.  But when your residence has wheels neighbors tend not to be too permanent. I wish my neighbor on the other side who is always trying to start/fix/tune his motorcycle knew what the hell he was doing so I didn't have to listen to that anymore either! But either he finally gave up, fixed it, or it has just become another part of my trailer lullaby.

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