Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rain on a Tin Trailer Roof

Last week i had about the best morning in the history of time!  It was the wed morning of my day off and i was going to be heading to reno that day so i had set my alarm for 7am so i could get on the road and out of that trailer park.  When my alarm went off I awoke to the sounds of a soft delicious rain.  The trailer was a little chilly and i was all warm and snuggled so comfy in my bed while it was overcast, listening to the heavenly sound of rain on my trailer roof.  It was one of those perfect moments that life sometimes gives you. I had the next two days off, i was going home to Reno/civilization, and was warm and happy in my bed. I just hit ignore on my alarm and let the soft fall rain lull me back to sleep. I had never been happier to be living in a trailer at that moment.
 While you can always buy the sound of rain on a machine it is never the same, because they can not duplicate the smell of a Nevada October rain or create that perfect humidity level.  Plus the sounds of rain noises are always in a forest. Never from how it sounds from the inside of a trailer. Now that i would buy.

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