Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Trailer Neighbors

Please remember that you live in a trailer.  If you have never stayed in or are not familiar with trailers they are not very sound proof or secure (if you were every in a trailer fire you could basically just bust through the nearest wall).  I wish my neighbors would remember this when they are having a domestic dispute. A- you live in a trailer. B- all your windows are open in said trailer C- my trailer with all it's windows closed is only about a car widths away from you and i can hear everything you are saying. D- it's really awful C- i hate having flash backs to living with my parents.

One night they were fighting over i assume who she was hanging out with. Cuz she was all "She is not trash! You think everybody is trash!" followed by "Stop kicking me in the ass" this was less in a battered wife way then as an annoyed you are retarded and i can't believe i had your baby and am living with you in this trailer way. I basically pictured him holding her arm while kicking her kind of like in a loony toons episode.

Another good one was one night they were bathing there daughter i assume cuz she was screaming and they were panicked screaming at each other because she had gotten soap in her eyes.  And they were both trying to get it out but screaming at each other better ways to do it. While she screams at her daughter "I am trying to help you!" Note- their daughter is prob like 18-20 months. Hilarious!!!

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  1. Wow. yeah I dislike people too much to live in a trailer...well a trailer park. I could probably handle a trailer out in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors :-)